Lilla, 19, UK. I like clouds and mountains and nature and cities. I blog Nature, Cities, Gay and Straight Romance, Interesting Architecture and Houses, Boats, Animals and Funny things. I own none of these photos except those in the chapter marked my photography. Thanks for checking out my blog. :)
About me

Haii :)

I’m Pasian. I’m also a hopeless romantic, in love with R&J. Bisexual. I’m quite vain, rather outgoing, happily optimistic, fiercely loyal.

Other things I <3 ; Music, We Are Scientists, Lana Del Rey, Gigs, Photography, Lacrosse, Sailing, Yachting, Windsurfing, Royal Navy, Cheetahs, Food, Popcorn, Steak, Cluedo, Snoopy, Summer Sun and the inevitable cooling Breeze, Wimbledon, Lazy Weekends, Travelling and Seeing the World, Meeting New People, Pretty Girls, Hot, Rugged, Older Men.  

In the future, I want to be David Attenborough or Simon Reeve, because they are perfection. I want that kind of successful career and in such an awesome field; Geography and Nature thrills me, hence I am reading Geography at Birmingham Uni :)

My tumblr shows the things which I find aesthetically pleasing :) I own none of what I post unless it is here, so thank you to original owners! I hope you enjoy getting to know me through my blog.  I follow back if you blog similar things to me too.

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Oh, and Smoochie Smoochie timmeee, oh yeah ;)